Audio drama based on the work of Aldwyn Whatling


Original idea: Aldo Lumbía

Full length: 37 minutes

Genre: Suspense

Format: Dramatization, full cast audio production

Language: Neutral Latin American Spanish


A young couple is about to move to the Balkans and leave the house they lived in for a few months.

Before getting married, Diego and Beatriz agreed on an unusual pact of silence about their individual past, their previous life. However, they both promised to tell each other everything about each other during the long train journey.

But the night before their departure, Beatriz becomes obsessed with a newspaper story about a serial killer who had been on the run from justice for three years.

The resemblance of the murderer’s photo to her husband, a revolver hidden among Diego’s clothes, the old telephone in the house strangely damaged and the hurried trip to another country, began to weave a terrible suspicion in Beatriz’s mind that will grow until an unexpected outcome.

Suspicion is a story of intrigue and psychological fear.


Neutral Latin American Spanish

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