AudioSerial only uses original compositions, created, arranged and performed by the versatile and talented musical director Jorge Nazar, in the style of the best film productions.

The audio dramas have an ambitious musical score -specific for each work- that enhances and complements the sound scenes, as an accompaniment to the narration and acting interpretation.

The musical quality that AudioSerial prints in each of its productions is evident in the beauty of its compositions, as well as in the perfect blend between the musical narration and the dramatized action.

The Treasure of the Llullaillaco

The main song underlines the adventurous character of the series and gives it tension from the very first moment. The score is complemented by musical pieces that impact by their dramatism, along with others that navigate through ethnic sounds and a touch of bossa nova.

The Cask of Amontillado

The music composed for this Edgar Allan Poe audio – drama advances like a classic that transports us to an unsuspected place. Behind its vibrant initial notes, it makes its way through the unsettling sonorities of the synthesizers, with screaming strings and obsessive percussions.

Tallow Ball

The soundtrack for this audio – drama does not lose its rhythm, being by itself, the architect for creating different sensations. It does so through a leitmotiv, linking very attractive and suggestive themes that, most of the time, give priority to a melancholic piano, and other times, to a vibrant orchestration.

The Surgery

A European tango can be the initial thread for this audio comedy whose music allies with and sometimes, mocks the situation of Chekhov’s characters. In the soundtrack you can hear cheeky pizzicatos in an atmosphere of tragicomedy that brings out feelings of compassion and laughter at the same time.


The music score accompanies the description of the personalities of the main characters and their dark lives. The moments of suspense are supported by string motifs, sometimes quasi-silent and sometimes, oppressive. The piano, in turn, generates the best scenario for both melancholic and intrigue tormenting moments.