About us

AudioSerial is the editorial label of AdD, a sound content production company located in Córdoba, Argentina.

Our audio books and dramatized serial podcasts are of premium quality, made with professional voice actors, excellent narration and interpretation, original music and sound effects.



Founder of AudioSerial and director of AdD since its creation in 2002.

Professional radio announcer, dubbing director, voice actor and voice over talent. Specialized in artistic direction and acting, he has produced and directed more than 100 dramatized (full cast and unabridged) audio books of exceptional quality.

In Spain, he perfected his skills in Audiovisual Dubbing and Sound, where he worked as an actor and dubbing director in audiovisual productions for Latin America.

He is a university professor and author of numerous essays on the world of sound communication, voice overs and dubbing.

Currently, he directs Academia de Doblaje (AdD), the center for the production of sound content and professional training of voice actors for dubbing, voice over and narration.



Master Degree in Film Scoring and Music Arranger, from Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachussets (USA).

Winner of a Grammy Award 1997 and the BMI Award 1996/97.

His musical work for record, film and TV is very wide and varied including titles such as “Hold me, thrill me, kiss me” (Joel Hershman, Hollywood, 1992), “Me asusta pero me gusta” (Televisa Cine. Mexico, 1997), “The Latin Dream” (Italy, 2016), among many others.